The Research Team

Studying the many aspects of familial/hereditary cancer disorders reqstuuires the knowledge and expertise of many different disciplines. The CGB LFS Study team includes a group of experts who each bring their own special perspective to the project.

Payal Khincha

Payal Khincha, MD

Dr. Khincha is the Principal Investigator in charge of the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Study. She is a board-certified pediatric hematologist-oncologist who also has a Master’s degree in clinical and translational research. She has an interest in inherited cancer predisposition syndromes, particularly those that can affect children and adolescents,such as telomere biology disorders and Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. Dr. Khincha has overall responsibility for the conduct of this study, and her research focuses on the clinical, epidemiological and genetic aspects of LFS. She leads the clinical evaluations and screening of families enrolled in the LFS Study.

Sharon Savage

Sharon A. Savage, MD, FAAP

Dr. Savage is the Lead Medical Advisor of the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Study and leads the scientific efforts of the study. She is board-certified in both pediatrics and pediatric hematology/oncology, and has extensive training in laboratory-based research related to how cancers develop. Dr. Savage has a special interest in the hereditary cancer disorders. She is particularly well known for her research related to a rare cancer susceptibility disorder called dyskeratosis congenita, and has discovered several genes that cause this specific syndrome. She has overall responsibility for the conduct of this study and will be focusing particularly on molecular and genetic aspects of LFS.

Megan Frone

Megan Frone, MS, CGC

Ms. Frone is a board-certified genetic counselor with specialty interest and expertise in inherited predisposition to cancer and in gene variant annotation and classification. Her current research centers on evaluation of sequencing data from long-term childhood cancer survivors to identify common and rare genetic variants that influence risk of second cancers as well as variants that modify the effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy and subsequent cancer risk. Ms. Frone’s clinical background is in general pediatric genetics, inborn errors of metabolism, and pediatric and adult cancer genetics. Megan is the lead genetic counselor for the LFS Study.

Jessica Hatton

Jessica Hatton, MS, CGC

Ms. Hatton is a board-certified genetic counselor with a particular interest in hereditary cancer syndromes. Prior to earning her M.S. in Genetic Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University, she studied Chemistry at Wheaton College, IL and spent a year at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, performing high-throughput RNA interference screens to learn more about the roles of different genes in cellular pathways.

Renee Bremer

Renée Bremer, MS

Ms. Bremer is the Epidemiology Program Analyst in CGB. She holds a Master’s degree in epidemiology from Michigan State University where she completed her thesis on adolescent physical activity and breast cancer risk. She has been a collaborator on multiple CGB-related research projects since December 2009. Ms. Bremer is the lead investigator on the Physical Activity and Diet (PAD) component of the LFS Study and oversees LFS Study management and follow-up. She is currently involved in several of the psychosocial analyses and follow-up data collection within the LFS study.

Mary Lou McMaster

Mary Lou McMaster, MD

Dr. McMaster is an adult oncologist with training in cellular biology and clinical genetics. She is especially interested in hereditary cancer disorders and has devoted her career to multidisciplinary clinical and epidemiological studies of complex cancer predisposition syndromes. She performs clinical evaluations of adult study participants who come to the NIH for screening. . Sheconducts research in the molecular aspects of cancer predisposition and cancer precursor conditions.

Kelvin de Andrade

Kelvin de Andrade, MSc, PhD

Dr. de Andrade is a postdoctoral visiting fellow in CGB under the supervision of Dr. Savage. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences from the Sao Paulo State University and Master`s and a Doctoral degrees in oncology from the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Brazil. He has an interest in cancer predisposition syndromes with a particular focus on the LFS Brazilian founder p.R337H mutation. Dr. de Andrade has been involved in a series of genetic and epidemiological studies trying to discover new aspects and factors that could contribute to the variable phenotype in LFS.

Leatrisse Oba

Leatrisse Oba, MD

Dr. Oba is a general pediatrician who earned her M.D. from the University of Brasilia, Brazil in 2001, and has worked in clinical research for four years. Dr. Oba is currently working on a consortium effort to understand effects of treatment for cancer on risk of subsequent cancers in LFS.

Janet Bracci

Janet Bracci, RN, BSN (contractor)

Ms. Bracci is a bachelor’s degree-prepared registered nurse, with experience in nursing-related administrative, consulting, educator, and practitioner roles. She is an experienced oncology and bone marrow transplant nurse and serves as the lead research nurse on the LFS Study.

Kathy Nichols

Kathryn Nichols, RN, BSN (contractor)

Ms. Nichols is the lead clinical research nurse with the LFS team. With her extensive involvement on multiple CGB protocols, she serves as a resource throughout the year to our clinic cohort participants. Ms. Nichols coordinates the LFS clinic cohort participant activity, including annual evaluations at NIH and recommended follow up between visits.

Maureen Risch

Maureen Risch, RN, BSN

Ms. Risch is a clinical research nurse for the LFS Study. She coordinates the clinical evaluations for families in the clinic cohort.  Ms. Risch has had extensive involvement with multiple CGB family studies. 

Stephanie Steinbart

Stephanie Steinbart, RN, MPH (contractor)

Ms. Steinbart is a research nurse with 31 years of combined experience in cancer genetics, public health, program management, patient care, and teaching. She serves as NCI’s family studies referral nurse, and is often the first person that potential study participants encounter as they explore whether they are interested in participating in our studies. She can be reached either by phone (1-800-518-8474) or email ( Those interested in learning more about the LFS Study and determining whether they might be eligible to participate are encouraged to contact Ms. Steinbart directly.

Joseph F. Fraumeni

Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr., MD, MSc (volunteer)

Dr. Fraumeni has been at the NIH since 1962 and was the Director of DCEG from 1979 to 2012. During this time he was involved in the discovery, description, and delineation of the LFS, in collaboration with Dr. Frederick Li. Since retirement, Dr. Fraumeni has been an Advisor to the Director of NCI.

Retired Colleagues

Jennifer Loud

Jennifer Loud, DNP, CRNP

Dr. Loud is an Associate Investiagor on the Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Study and a board-certified adult nurse practitioner. She is involved in multiple clinical and epidemiologic studies aimed at learning about hereditary cancer and at better understanding the psychosocial impact of individuals identified as being at high genetic risk of cancer. Dr. Loud’s current research interests include assessing the impact of risk identification and risk management on various aspects of an at-risk individual's life. Dr. Loud’s clinical practice includes the evauation of adult research participants who are seen at the NIH.

June A. Peters

June A. Peters, MS

Ms. Peters has specialty training in both genetic counseling and marriage/family therapy. Ms. Peters was one of the earliest practitioners of cancer-focused genetic counseling in the United States. She is well-known both nationally and internationally for her expertise and creativity in the genetic counseling arena, and has a special interest in the care of persons from cancer-prone families. Ms. Peters will serve as the senior genetic counselor for the LFS Study until her retirement in 2017.